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MBBSoftware adds music section - Royalty Free music, Personal Listening, Polyphonic Ring Tones and more
10 February 2008, MBBSoftware press release.
MBBSoftware is now offering music downloads. The musical pieces offered for download are owned by musicians who upload their copyrighted materials on the MBBSoftware website. Later, visitors to MBBSoftware visitors are able to listen to the music and download the pieces they like. The website generates personalized licenses on the fly. The owner of the music, normally a musician, decides what types of licenses and for what prices their music is to be sold for. A single musical piece may be complemented with several different types of licenses for different remuneration amounts. For example - three types of licenses, all for different and appropriate amounts of money, have been assigned to the musical piece April Op.37 by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – a Full Royalty Free License, a Web Royalty Free License, and a Personal Listening License. Polymorphic ring tone license and other types of licenses are also available and assigned to music downloads in accordance with the wish of their copyright owner. The full texts of all licenses are available to read by the visitor before the purchase. MBBSoftware uses strong encryption technology to protect the interests of the music owners, such as unauthorized download, preview-listening download tapping, license text modifications and others.
The procedure of obtaining music and music licenses is fast and simple: after choosing a musical piece, the visitor selects desired licenses that he or she wants to purchase for it. The visitor repeats this for every musical piece they want to obtain a copy and licenses for. When the visitor finishes their selection, he or she selects the "Buy" button. Then they enter their name and other details required for the license that they will receive. Next they are taken to the Barclaycard Business secure payment website. After successful payment the visitor, now licensee, receives an immediate access to download the music tracks and their licenses. Licenses are also emailed to the licensee email. The copyright owner of the music receives a CC email (including the attached licenses) for the purchase. The copyright owner also receives a separate email for each purchased license with all license details and amounts to help keeping their records up to date.
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