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Audio Control version 4.236 is now released Hi guest
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Version 4.236 of Audio Control is now released and available for download
7 August 2009, MBBSoftware press release.
Audio Control 4.236 has now been released and is available for download from the MBBSoftware website. Audio Control version 4.236 implements an accelerated application start-up, improved communication with the ACServer and other fixes.
This version adds to the improvements made to the recently released version 4.235, and is characterized with support for all flavors of Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 2008. Previous versions of Audio Control are only Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003 compatible.
Audio Control version 4.235 added new handy user interface improvements including three more Minimal View Modes:
  • Minimal 1 L - mode stands for "Minimal 1 with Lines"
  • Minimal 1 LD - mode stands for "Minimal 1 with Lines and Devices"
  • Minimal 1 SS - mode stands for "Minimal 1 Super Small"
In Minimal 1 L and Minimal 1 LD modes respectively the user can see the selected line and device, and is able to control them without invoking the context menu and switching to the Standard view mode. Conversely, the Minimal 1 SS mode presents only the fader control of each audio line thus making the window indeed very small. The Minimal 1 L and Minimal 1 LD modes prove to be extremely useful on Windows Vista and later platforms. They are also quite nice features on pre-Windows Vista systems, especially if there is more than one installed sound card in it. The Minimal 1 SS view mode is useful for those who want to have the window as small as possible whilst maintaining accessibility and powerful volume control utility. Other novelties include device name mapping facility, number software registration simplifications and optimizations and others.
For optimal performance and best experience, please upgrade to the latest release of Audio Control – version 4.236.
Learn more about Audio Control version 4
Download the latest release of Audio Control version 4
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