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Act On File, 2012 Released By MBBSoftware Hi guest
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1 June 2012, MBBSoftware press release.
Act On File, 2012 Released By MBBSoftware
MBBSoftware is pleased to announce the release of Act On File, 2012, an all-in-one software package used to quickly and easily work with files in a variety of ways; from ensuring data protection to increasing user productivity.
LONDON, United Kingdom, 1 June 2012 - MBBSoftware have today announced the official release of Act On File, 2012, a software solution comprised of ten modules used for the handling and manipulation of data. Act On File’s security modules are designed for anyone who needs to handle information in a secure manner, including home users, businesses and professional entities such as lawyers, accountants, hospitals and government organizations. The remaining modules are designed to enhance user productivity.

The security functions of Act On File are found in the Authenticator and Cryptor modules. The encryption functions of the Cryptor module allow data to be securely transmitted and stored, which protects private data from becoming public or being obtained by entities that are unauthorized to see it. Furthermore, the Authenticator module is capable of securely verifying and authenticating the data sender and the data itself. The software allows the application of encryption and authentication, even when the parties have had no previous contact with each other, by promoting the concept and use of Public-Private Key cryptography. Independent entities can immediately begin to communicate securely without the need for shared passwords or digital certificates purchased from third parties. All that is required is a website or a social media account with a file sharing application on which the parties must publish their public keys. People concerned about their online privacy, which may be even more so threatened by proposals such as CISPA, can have peace of mind by using Act On File. In addition, the Authenticator module allows website owners to demonstrate that the testimonials posted on their websites are authentic. These are only a few of the many benefits of using the Authenticator and Cryptor modules of Act On File.

"People using computers and the Internet should be aware of the possible threats to their information, and take proactive measures to ensure its safety. Act On File offers two powerful modules that protect the user in this respect, and a variety of functions that assist in multiple other ways when using their computers." says Miroslav Bonchev, CEO of MBBSoftware and creator of Act On File.

Among the other eight modules are: a True Data Eraser, a convenient Data Compressor, a Backup Tool, a File Comparator, and an ultra-powerful Desktop Search Engine. All modules have been designed to assist virtually any computer user in multiple ways. To find out more about the various modules of Act On File, please visit the Act On File Act On File Homepage. MBBSoftware offers a 60% promotional discount for the first 30 days of the software release.
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