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3 July 2012, MBBSoftware press release.
MBBSoftware Presents Innovative Testimonial Authentication Application.
Innovative application enables website owners to quickly and easily prove that their testimonials are genuine.
LONDON, United Kingdom, 3 July 2012 - MBBSoftware has developed a new methodology for the publishing of testimonials on a website. The methodology is simple, secure, infallible and free. In a digital age in which transparency is vital, customer testimonials are an excellent way of promoting products and services. They create social proof; the principle of accepting or doing something because other people are also accepting or doing it. Testimonials are therefore very powerful tools that can increase awareness and sales. The problem is that unscrupulous individuals and organizations have been caught writing fake testimonials, and even paying people to write five-star reviews of their products or services on review websites. The opposite is also true; companies may write false, negative reviews about their competitor on these websites. This has led to cynicism regarding the authenticity of testimonials in general. MBBSoftware has developed a solution to this problem.

The methodology suggested by MBBSoftware is a new application of the public key authentication mechanism. It involves direct communication between the endorser, the endorsee and their website’s visitor. The endorser provides a digitally signed testimonial and its signature to the endorsee, who publishes them on their website. A visitor on the endorsee website can then easily authenticate the testimonial using the endorser’s public key which must be available on their website, blog or public social media account. MBBSoftware has launched as part of an automatic mechanism which a visitor can use to authenticate a testimonial with just two mouse clicks. The verification can be also made on a local computer using Act On File, MBBSoftware’s flagship software, which can be also used to digitally sign testimonials, documents and files.

“In the early stages of MBBSoftware, we were subject to untruthful posts on certain download websites. Using our expertise in authentication technologies, we wanted to create an effective, consistent and conceptually sound way for people to be able to authenticate testimonials. I think we have achieved that and I am confident that our authentication application will have a positive effect on both website owners and customers.” said Miroslav Bonchev, founder of MBBSoftware Limited.

Unlike the majority of testimonial verification services, MBBSoftware's methodology does not require third-party verification or certification. It not only benefits the endorsee, but also the endorser who receives a backlink to their website and thus increased traffic and search engine ranking. It enables website owners to have control over what is written about them and their products or services, whereas independent review sites may be open to abuse. Furthermore, the customers are able to develop trust in the person or business that has received the testimonial, creating a win-win situation for all involved. The method is forgery resistant, so companies and services that give untruthful testimonials could be blacklisted, dismissing all of their testimonials across the Internet. MBBSoftware has also published a set of best practices enabling webmasters to easily integrate testimonials on their websites which can be authenticated by their visitors with just two mouse clicks.

To find out more about MBBSoftware’s free testimonial authentication application, please visit the methodology homepage.
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