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MBBSoftware Releases New Version of Audio Control, Edition 2016 Hi guest
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2 February 2016, MBBSoftware press release.
MBBSoftware Releases New Version of Audio Control - Edition 2016.
The best ever Audio Control.
LONDON, United Kingdom, 08 February 2016 - MBBSoftware has released a new version of Audio Control, edition 2016 (version Audio Control is a popular audio mixer, visualizing and controlling software. Audio Control is ergonomically designed to allow users to easily make adjustments to the volume and other properties of the audio devices on the system, while saving space on the screen while at the same time indicating the audio volume status, and also saving time and effort to the user through its particularly notable One Click volume adjustment on the fly. Audio Control is a smart replacement for the standard Windows Volume Control; placing flexibility, convenience and user-friendliness at the center of its design.

The new version includes new operation modes such as the Agile operation mode, which allows working with the windows behind Audio Control when it is On Top, "hot" key launching, new accessibility and fast switching between audio devices and lines methods, and a number of other improvements, as well as bug fixes.

Audio Control could save, on average, 10 hours a year to computer users who change the audio volume of their computers a few times per day.

To find out more about Audio Control, please visit the Audio Control page.


About MBBSoftware
MBBSoftware is a software development establishment most well-known for its online testimonial authentication technology, the all-in-one software suite Act On File, the My Lovely slideshow and the Audio Control utility. Other technology which MBBSoftware has developed and released into the public domain include The Atomic Memory Model and The Object Contextualization Model, which can be used to significantly enhance the quality of coding and increase the speed of development, as well as the VAT Validator and other libraries.

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Miroslav Bonchev
Telephone: 020 3137 7438
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