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Embedded Microcontroller Operating System - EMCOS

EMCOS is a modular operating system for M68HC11 based microcontrollers which allows rapid development of systems based on it. It is designed to work in all possible configurations of M68HC11, including the single chip configurations. EMCOS creates a logical layer isolating the low level handling of the processor, the various MCU subsystems and attached peripherals from the application layer software. EMCOS provides functions for control of all systems of the MCU, as well as of other peripherals such as:
  • All sub-systems of M68HC11 including embedded flash, SPI, SCI, timers, etc.
  • Liquid crystal displays (LCD)
  • Keyboard
  • External flash memory, extending the CPU address space (uses dedicated port in the RAM space)
  • Thermal printer
  • Real time clock

Application software calls EMCOS functions for performing various services (just like in DOS). The modular architecture of EMCOS allows effective use of the resources of the hardware by deploying only the modules of EMCOS which are required for the particular system. EMCOS can be deployed on the MCU EPROM or on external ROM depending on the MCU configuration.

The documentation provides detailed instructions how to create a development kit (including schematics), compile EMCOS and add it to the kit, as well as about the process of development of systems and applications using EMCOS, and all of its features and functions. In general, the developer compiles their code on a PC, which is uploaded to the kit for testing using EMCOS. Once tested, the code is added to the ROM (together with EMCOS), i.e. EMCOS is extended with the new code. This process continues until the all code for the application is developed and tested. Finally, the system is completed by removing the upload/debugging features of EMCOS, and the final application consists only from the utilized EMCOS modules and added application software. Thus, EMCOS is open to extend and branch allowing rapid development of all kinds of devices and applications.
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