Fast Delete - Delete Files and Folders Normally Bypassing the Recycle Bin.

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This section discusses the Fast Delete functionality of the Eraser module.
The Fast Delete functionality deletes files and folders in a normal fashion, bypassing the Recycle Bin. Until they are overwritten, fast deleted files can be recovered using specialized tools as discussed in the introduction to the Eraser module. To destroy the content of already deleted files, overwriting them with random data, use the Erase Scraps and Erase Drive functionalities as appropriate. To destroy the content and thus truly delete existing files, use the True Delete functionality.
Capture: Fast Delete
Fast Delete
Select the files and folders to Fast Delete in the selected items control of the Fast Delete functionality and then click OK to start the Fast Delete process.
Selection Controls
Fast Delete Selection Controls
These controls are used to select and display the files and folders for the operation. In addition to the Add Files, Add Folders and Remove buttons, you can use the standard clipboard, drag and drop, and keyboard operations.
ShortcutsSelect the behavior of the functionality in respect to any shortcuts that might be present in the selected folders.
Erase shortcut & targetAny shortcut located in selected folder will be first dereferenced and then it and its target file or folder will be fast deleted.
Erase shortcut onlyAny shortcut located in selected folder will be fast deleted.
Window Controls
Fast Delete Window Controls
These controls have generic meanings.
On TopSets and clears the Always On Top flag on the window. This checkbox adds or removes the window from the group of Top-most windows.
OKCommits to work and fast deletes the selected files and folders.
CancelCloses the window without doing any work. The last selected properties are stored.