Copy Selection Addresses - Place the Filenames of Selected Items into the Clipboard (No Shortcut Dereference).

Act On File Windows Compatibility Seals

This section discusses the Copy Selection Addresses functionality of the Locator module.
The Copy Selection Addresses functionality of the Locator module is used to copy the paths of the selected items. To copy the dereferenced paths, use the Copy Target Addresses functionality. There are cases when we want to copy the full filename of one or more files or folders. This is not difficult; however it is a time-consuming procedure. The Copy Selection Addresses functionality makes this quick and easy.
Capture: Copy Selection Addresses
Copy Selection Addresses


In Windows Explorer, select the files and folders whose full filenames (including paths) are required. Invoke the Windows Explorer context menu on the selected items and choose the Copy Selection Addresses entries in the Locator submenu from the Act On File entries. The full filenames (including paths) of the selected items are now copied to the clipboard as text. The filenames are separated with a separator, which is defined in the properties dialog.


Capture: Properties Dialog, Copy Selected Addresses page
Copy Selection Addresses Properties
These controls determine the separator to be inserted between the full filenames of the selected items.
SeparatorSelect the required character or sequence of characters to be used as a separator between the filenames of the selected items when copied to the clipboard.
AboutLaunch the About Act On File window.
CancelDiscard any changes and close the window.
OKSave any changes and close the window.