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A Letter to the BBC About Syria and Their Journalistic Duties

By Miroslav B. Bonchev
I am very seriously concerned about the situation in Syria, which could easily escalate due to the actions of irresponsible western (including British) politicians to a full blown thermonuclear war. Since 2002 I have not owned a TV and do not watch the BBC, but because of this very important matter and because the majority of the British people take their news from the BBC, I went on the BBC's website in order to see how they present this incredibly important matter to the public. Considering the seriousness of the situation, I wrote them a letter which I decided to also publish below. We live on a unique planet, and if the irresponsible, power-drunk and delusional politicians destroy it, then where will we go? My letter to the BBC follows:

Good day,

25 years ago I was a child in Eastern Europe living under a communist regime. Although we would face unpleasant consequences if caught, my father and I regularly listened to the BBC in order to learn the news and know what was happening in the world. I must say that back then I deeply respected and honored the BBC!

Today, things have changed. Truly regretfully, I must say that I find the work of the BBC utterly unsatisfactory and frankly, disgraceful! I stopped watching the BBC back in 2002 due to its entire lack of integrity, which I observed back then. However, today I visited your website in order to see how the British people are being informed about the extreme danger in which the world has been placed in relation to the danger of thermonuclear war related to the situation in Syria.

It is a well-known fact that we were lead to war in Iraq for false reasons, worst we were outright lied to. We were lead to a war in Libya for no good reason either. In these two cases, these two countries were torn apart by NATO, and their populations were devastated. Today the terror in Iraq and Libya is much worse than it was before 2003/2011 respectively. I defend no dictators, but the appropriate question here is what gives one country the right to attack and replace the government of another sovereign country. The answer is nothing; they have no more "right" than a playground bully determined to commit aggression and dishonor.

Today the British Prime Minister seems to have decided to involve this country in yet another war. This time, the politicians risk the existence of life on Earth due to the possibility ofWWIII following such q course of action. In such critical circumstances, is it not the work of the journalist to ask straight and hard questions, or is it to only repeat/rephrase what they were given by the press office? Regretfully, considering today's front page article on this vital and most important subject, I can testify that the work of the BBC appears to be no better than the work of a communist party member, so called "journalist", in "Komsomolskaya Pravda" before 1989. It is indeed a great pity and a great shame.

A person interested in the truth can ask himself or herself the basic question: for how long can local people wage a war against their government? A day? A week? A month? Clearly, the Syrian "rebels" are not rebels at all, they’re but mercenaries paid and supplied by external forces, which is well documented by online media. Clearly, these mercenaries are NOT fighting for democracy or freedom:

Viewer discretion is required. The following video contains horrific scenes.

In the today's front page article, the PM merely asserts statements, appealing to feelings, but he provides no proof whatsoever. Further, even if he has proof, which he has not, neither he personally, nor this, nor any country has the right to aggress against a sovereign nation and replace its governments

With much urgency, I would like to ask you to take your responsibilities very seriously since they are of such importance. Please start asking hard questions, rather than merely give politicians a tribune to assert their personal opinions and feelings, and possibly those of their campaign contributors such as weapons and oil manufactures. It is the duty of the journalists to keep politicians in check and responsible for their words, be they true or false, or outright lies ref: "Iraq's WMDs."

If WWIII is started, the apology and regrets of Mr. Cameron, which I doubt he will offer, will be worthless. His opinions and good wishes, no matter how strong and sincere, will be able to resurrect not one child. This beautiful planet will become a deadly desert with no life. If such an unthinkable but possible scenario should come to pass, in these circumstances, much blame will fall on the BBC for utterly failing to perform its journalistic duties, aborting its journalistic mission by all measures, and setting the poorest example and level to all other mainstream channels.

Please remember that we have no second chance and no other planet to go to; please do your journalistic duties!


I hope, but to be honest, I doubt, that the BBC will change its character and become a critically thinking media outlet because of my letter. However, if many people stand for the truth, then we stand a chance to survive. Otherwise, corrupt politicians will rampantly do whatever they want, lie and cheat in every conceivable way, create wars and murder everywhere. Consequently, early or late since what goes around comes around, on purpose or by mistake, by intention or by misunderstanding, with so many nuclear weapons and nuclear facilities they will kill all life on this planet. I will conclude with the wise words of the last US President Ronald Reagan, who my father and I listened to on the Voice of America, the BBC, and Deutsche Welle despite the danger from the communist regime if we were caught.

The Current Crisis

The actual events leading to the current crisis are explained in the videos below:

The danger is this, Syria and Iran has mutual defense agreement. Attacking Syria is likely to involve Iran, and from there China and Russia, which can easily lead to a full scale thermonuclear war. This older video by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, a former Reagan's official, explains the relationships between the various countries.

Miroslav B. Bonchev
28-rd August 2012
London, England
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