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By Miroslav B. Bonchev
I remember the time when Internet Explorer was the underdog and Netscape was obviously the better browser. Then I remember when Internet Explorer took over the lead for several years. Then I remember when I switched to Firefox and finally to Chrome.

Now, I think it is time to switch back to Firefox for a good and simple reason. It appears that Chrome cannot be trusted. Living in the United Kingdom, I have long ago given up on trying to use Google.com since Google.com was always redirecting me to Google.co.uk, and for some reason I always forget the command how to tell Google.com to keep me on it and not to redirect me. However today I noticed that I can now work with either the .com or the co.uk as I prefer, and I thought, "Well that is good, Google have finally changed and are now not so intrusive." Then I noticed something deeply disturbing which made me immediately install Firefox and make it my new default browser! What was so scary? Well, on the Google.com website I noticed a microphone, which when I clicked invited me to talk to it, see the image bellow:

Google Speach Recognition

Thus Chrome allows me to give voice commands to it. There are two possibilities:
  • There is a voice recognition engine in Chrome, or
  • Chrome sends the data to the Google servers which do the recognition.
I don't know which one is the case, perhaps it is both. In either case, it is a sufficient reason for me to remove Chrome. This little event made me ask the following question - "Does Chrome/Google spy on me?" I have nothing to hide, however as a sovereign person by the power of the Creator, being His image, and granted by Himself to me and every free man, I have the free will to decide to whom I shall talk and disclose my affairs, and I simply refuse to be spied on, or potentially spied on, by anyone including Google. (For those who reject the existence of a Sovereign Creator, I will only point out that if your sovereignty is given to you from the government then the government can take it away from you. Example Nazi Germany - the government decided who is sovereign, and who is not and is to be rounded up to Auschwitz.)

I know that Google records all my searches, and I happened to have found that useful, as in the past I went and found something that I looked for about a year earlier. However, for the several years of records on me that Google have, I have used that facility only once. I wonder, is this facility that valuable for me or if there is someone else who cares for my searches?! The new microphone commands made me ask myself another question: "Can I be sure that Chrome is not spying on me?" Regretfully I cannot give a negative answer to neither of those questions. Therefore Chrome is out of my computer.

Thank God Firefox has no such "convenience", so Firefox is my browser now. If you are not aware about it, there is a website called http://www.startpage.com which does not record any information of the searches you do using it.

Miroslav B. Bonchev
8-th August 2012
London, England
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