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Letter to the German Bundestag to Lawfully Remove Merkel in order to avoid WWIII

By Miroslav B. Bonchev
This is my open letter to the German Bundestag in regards to the outrageous action of Ms. Merkel who is pushing the world into a thermonuclear war. If you consider yourself a FREE man or a woman, then you should take position also, and tell your representative, who is paid to ONLY represent you, your desire, and what he or she must be doing as per your will. Since the German representatives are not my representatives I can only ask them to be true and uphold their duties. The bigger question is do we really need representatives - if we can bank online we can also vote online!

Dear representatives of the German People,

This is an urgent message, in which I would like to remind you that it is your obligation to upheld and defend the Law of Germany, and the interests of the German People, and the People of the World.

It is your obligation to ensure that NAZI regime is not allowed to take roots in Germany once again, and take the German People by surprise as it did in the past, and cause even more death and devastation then during the WWII.

Considering the latest developments in Ukraine, it is abundantly clear that an illegitimate NAZI Coup usurped the power in Kiev and poses an immense danger to the whole world. For everyone following the tragic developments in Ukraine, it is known the FACT that the only side seeking PEACE in the conflict between the people of Donetsk and Lugansk, against the NAZI Junta, is Russia, despite the numerous instigations and allegations by the Kiev's NAZI Junta, and the USA and EU.

The reported latest statements of Ms. Merkel testifies that she is either mentally deranged and therefore unfit to hold the honorable and demanding position of German Chancellor, or is a disgraceful traitor, betraying the people of Germany and the whole world, who by her reckless actions is sentencing billions of people to a thermonuclear death, including you.

Thus, it is your vital responsibility to upheld an urgent session of the Bundestag, as the laws of Germany provides for such cases, and remove Ms. Merkel from the seat of Chancellor of Germany, together with beginning of an investigation for what by all indications seems to be a high treason committed by Ms. Merkel, or needed help for mental incapacity.

Germany is once again in the middle of brewing of a world war, and while the WWI and WWII were devastating, WWIII would be the final war. WWI and WWII could have been avoided if the politicians of the time had the necessary integrity and vision, and so is the next war unless YOU STOP IT.

Will Germany be responsible for the death of the civilization and human kind? Although this time Germany is not likely to do the major devastation as it did in WWI and WWII, this time GERMANY HOLDS THE BALANCE OF THE SCALES, and therefore is equally responsible as before.

I kindly ask you to take the matters in your own hands, as provided by the law, and stop the spread of the madness of the USA and the EU bankrupted warmongers, by applying the law of Germany in Germany.

Best regards,
Miroslav Bonchev
Miroslav B. Bonchev
9th February 2015
London, England
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Sorry, but that sounds like you have been watching a bit too much of RT propaganda. Just google for some info about Gubarev or Strelkov, two of the founders of the so-called DPR. The maidan was imo, just the result of Putin's pupet Viktor Yanukovych. Where is he now? And where is Strelkov?

Also I would recommend to check the election result, here for example: If you check the results you would see that radical parties are a minority. There is unfortunately some, but they are also gaining more and more traction in other parts of Europe. In Russia there is a lot of them as well, they may not have a party as Putin would not allow that, but there is plenty of supporters, willing to go to Ukraine for example, to fight Nazis, which is totally ridiculous.

Also I would recommend to search for "maidan sniper massacre". You will see that those are the Ukrainian police units at this time receiving orders from Yanukovic. They are now either in DPR or Russia enjoying new jobs. Some of these Videos were even aired by RT. Also there is the constant support of military equipment and Russian soldiers leaking through the border that Ukraine has lost control of and that the Russian government uses to destabilize the entire region.
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