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Awards received by Audio Control version 4

5 stars award by stars award by Download 25.5 stars award by Softs List.5 stars award by Award by Discoveres.
Download Route editor's Pick.5 stars award by New Free Downloads.5 stars award by DownloadPipe.5 stars award by IT shareware.5 stars award by
5 stars award by Accelerated Ideas5 stars award by stars award by EuroDownload.com5 stars award by DownloadsArea.com5 stars award by Download Most.
5 stars award by findsoft.net5 stars award by filetransit.net5 stars award by supershareware.com5 stars award by download3000.com5 stars award by
5 stars award by xentrik.net5 stars award by musiciansnetwork.net5 stars award by rocketdownload.net5 stars award by sharewareconnection.com5 stars award by

Certificates received by Audio Control version 4

100% Clean antivirus report by Clean antivirus report by Qarchive.100% Clean award granted by downloadsofts.100% Clean award granted by Fast-Download.100% Clean award granted by Soft-Go.
100% Clean award granted by DownloadAtlas.com100% Clean award granted by Softpedia.100% Clean award granted by New Free Downloads100% Clean award granted by

Reviews for Audio Control version 4

From:the editors of software directory
Subject:Audio Control 4, Just Plain Better
Review:When somebody eventually becomes a computer user, he or she will use at first only most evident software: office suits, drawing tools, communication programs (email and messenger). But as the human being becomes familiar with the desktop, its best and worst characteristics, he tries to make life better and work easier with small utilities, special software and other non-standard tricks. One of the most useful «tricks» is replacing some standard Windows features or controls with improved ones, which are easier to use and prettier to see. When you see things like Audio Control 4, you definitely know: it’s just Better than you had before. Audio Control’s task is to provide full replacemement of Windows volume control, you know, those boring window with a handful of huge ugly «sliders»: it looks so outdated, it seems the man who programmed it had hated it! Audio Control seems like author had loved this small brilliant: small accurate window with evident green-to-red volume controls, which you can change with mouse wheel, with clicks onto «up» and «down» buttons, with keyboard arrows or just enter from keyboard. With the same ease you can mute sound channels or change their balance. The volume control can easily be customized, you can limit it to exact features you use; and, if you really need to, this small window can be left on top of others in its minimal and still pretty usable state.
Mar 21, 2008 16:04:44
Subject:My opinion about your product Audio Control
Review:I installed Audio Control version 4 and was very pleasantly surprised that it functions without requiring adjustments of any settings. There was no collision with any of the other software applications which I use - in my work I use more than 25 software programs, more than half of which are active at any given moment of time. It is extremely functional and totally customizable, as well as having an intuitive interface all of which are immediately obvious. I would say that Audio Control is a blemish-less product. I recommend it!
June 2007

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