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The Custom Image Presenter Windows Compatibility Seals

An elegant desktop presenter with unique properties and business applications

Visit the Custom Image Presenter dedicated website for details, business applications and test software.
The Custom Image Presenter is a software which displays photos, videos, and documents from an online or local source, as slides on top of all other windows, in area of the screen chosen by the user. This allows the user to glance at the slides while working with other software, as well as open and view them in detail. The software is rich in features, including build in screensaver, various view modes and so on. The Custom Image Presenter is designed for businesses and can be used as marketing, advertising and sales tool, tuition tool, other information providing tool, and in many other ways, some of which are described at the product website. Organizations purchase custom editions of the Image Presenter which are visually and functionally customized for them and the objectives of the particular application of the product.

Customer Editions and Customization

The standard customization of the image presenter includes all aspects of the software, including branding, appearance, functionality, physical items (where applicable), and licensing. The various features of the software are included in, or excluded from a custom edition depending on the application/use of the edition. The final product can be delivered to the end user via digital download from the organization's own website or on physical media. The image below is an example custom edition designed for a fictional hotel, which includes physical items and storage media for the photos and videos made by the guests of the hotel during their vacation there.
An example custom edition of the Image Presenter which includes physical items.
Fictional seaside hotel design
With a wide range of digital and physical applications, unique performance and complete flexibility the Custom Image Presenter is an ideal tool for many types of organizations such as galleries, museums, hotels, parks, corporate (motivation, stress, employee morale), and many others.
Visit the Custom Image Presenter dedicated website for details, business applications and test software.

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