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Get the all-in-one software solution that assists you, and protects you and your data.
Act On File Attributor Module- View and set file and folder attributes, and file-times.
Act On File Authenticator Module- Sign and hash files, and verify digital signatures.
Act On File Comparator Module- Compare files, folders and file properties.
Act On File Compressor Module- The ultimate Zip Archiver.
Act On File Cryptor Module- Encrypt and decrypt files.
Act On File Eraser Module- Truly destroys files and data remains.
Act On File Locator Module- Ultra-powerful desktop search engine.
Act On File Protector Module- Protect your data locally and online.
Act On File Quantifier Module- Join and split files, and extract data.
Act On File TV Module- Watch the news, seminars and entertainment.
Act On File, 2012
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The software solution that every computer needs.
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About Act On File, 2012 Who is Act On File For? Why use Act On File? Product Help & Support
Act On File Label Who is Act On File For? Why use Act On File? Product Help & Support
Act On File is an all-in-one software solution for work with files and folders. Act On File consists of ten modules which perform a variety of tasks. It is fast, efficient and easy to use, and helps by manipulating the data as required and protecting it, as well as protecting the user.

Act On File integrates with Windows Explorer from where it can be easily started to perform a desired operation on the selected files and folders. Learn More
Act On File is designed for both professional and home use, allowing users to handle files and data safely and efficiently.

The data processing facilities of Act on File are beneficial to all: from home users through executive professionals to system administrators and software developers. Act On File delivers value for both day-to-day and specialized tasks.

The security features of Act On File are also useful to most computer users, whilst they are of particular value to businesses or professionals that handle sensitive data, such as law firms and accountants, government organizations etc.

Act On File has a rich array of features, some of which include:
  • Powerful search engine
  • Unique file comparison
  • True data destroyer
  • Discerning authentication
  • Strong data encryption
  • Automatic data backup
  • Friendly Zip Archiver
  • Flexible file attributor
  • Effective file quantifier
  • Informative television
No matter how you use your computer, Act On File is sure to be beneficial to you.
The support for our software is available in the support section via the support ticket system, direct emails, forums and FAQs. Our friendly and knowledgeable support staff are always happy to assist.

Our other software which we have created includes the award winning Audio Control replacement for the standard Windows Volume control, the open source Atomic Memory Model and others. Learn More
5 stars award by TopShareware.com for Act on File, 2012 5 stars award by DownloadRoute.com for Act on File, 2012 5 stars award by Soft-Go.com for Act on File, 2012 5 stars award by SoftwareGeek.com for Act On File, 2012 5 stars award by LiteFile.com for Act On FIle, 2012 See more awards for our software
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