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The selected download is Windows 10, 64 bit, with hash SHA1-256 code: 86DF37A3FB1B775B853DA7060F85C9F3FF4A285D [?]
Important: Some Windows updates cause a change of the PC signature as Act On File 2012 sees it, due to which it may self-deactivate. You will need to reactivate the software in such event. This issue is fixed in the upcoming Act On File 2016 for which your existing Act On File 2012 license will be valid. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Awards received by Act On File, 2012
5 stars award by TopShareware.com5 stars award by Soft-Go.com5 stars award by LiteFile.com5 stars award by GearDownload.com5 stars award by FileFlash.com
5 stars award by DownloadRoute.com5 stars award by CleanSofts.com5 stars award by FileTransit.com5 stars award by SoftwareGeek.com5 stars award by AB-Archive.net
5 stars award by itshareware.com5 stars award by 123-free-download.com5 stars award by sharewareupdate.com5 stars award by 2000shareware.com5 stars award by easyfreeware.com
5 stars award by fileheap.com5 stars award by sharewareconnection.com5 stars award by freewarepark.com5 stars award by download32.com5 stars award by .com
Certificates received by Act On File, 2012
Act On File was fully tested by TopShareware Labs. It does not contain any kind of malware, adware and viruses.Act On File received 100% CLEAN award on DownloadRoute.comAct On File 2012 is 100% clean.Act On File 2012 is 100% clean.100% Clean from soft-go.com
100% Clean from Softpedia.com100% Clean from free-to-try.com100% Clean from dodownload.com100% Clean from downloadpromo.com100% Clean
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