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MBBSoftware Limited

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United Kingdom

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About us

We endeavor to create useful, easy to use, safe and engaging software by designing our software to naturally complement the problems it solves and the needs it fulfills. We develop our software using the highest possible standards. Our flagship product is Act On File, an all-in-one software solution with 10 modules and 28 functionalities solving numerous problems in the contemporary world. The Atomic Memory Model and the Object Contextualization Models are just two examples of our inventions used in Act On File. Both of these have been published in the public domain so that developers may use them freely for the benefit of all. From start to finish, we strive to make the world of software a better place.
Philosophy and Technology
In general, most computer languages are thought to have strong and weak points depending on the environment, application, developer's skills and other circumstantial conditions. There are also various paradigms of computer programming. At MBBSoftware we recognize only one software methodology which is the Object Oriented Paradigm. The reason for this is that we see every computer program as a Universe of its own. An abstract Universe, nevertheless a perfectly real World with its own laws, rules and properties which are related to those of the real Universe and are just as important and valid in it. The objects in this imaginary but real world interact and relate to each other just as the objects in any other real world. The laws of Logic and Mathematics also rule in this abstract world just as they rule in our world. Thus, a good computer program is a model, an exact reflection of the part of the Universe which it represents and attempts to emulate. The Object Oriented paradigm is the paradigm which allows an exact abstract representation of a Universe of Discourse as a computer model. This is of immense importance because when progressing carefully in the development of the software, one is able to model the software in a way that it always grows and matures, and never becomes wrong, instead the software simply describes larger and larger part of the Universe of Discourse. In other words, because the software reflects the Universe of Discourse (usually our Universe) bijectionally, it is always able to accommodate anything that might come up later, even if not anticipated earlier. Living up to this philosophy we always develop our software in the Object Oriented Paradigm, regardless of the circumstances.
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