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Philosophy and Science

February 5, 2017 Does God exist? What is truth?! Read Article
April 16, 2014 Does God - a personal Creator - exist? Read Article
March 03, 2011 Infinity - Does it exist? Can we Prove it? What about God? Read Article
August 26, 2008 Are Statistics and Probability Scientific Disciplines? Read Article
August 14, 2012 High Speed (Frequency) Trading from a Scientific Point of View Read Article


May 19, 2017 Malware Resolution Protocol - No More Malware Read Article
June 06, 2014 What is a File? Definition of "File" in Computing and Computer Science. Read Article
May 08, 2012 Deleted Files Are Not Really Deleted Read Article
July 23, 2012 Why You Should Know the Principles Behind Computers & Software Read Article
August 05, 2012 Are Embedded Image Properties More Dangerous Than Helpful? Read Article
September 19, 2012 What Is "The Cloud" and Is It For Me? Read Article
December 21, 2013 Mouse Without Borders Connection Failed Problem Solved Read Article
December 26, 2013 Including Header File vs Forward Declaration in C++ Programming Read Article

Current Events

August 28, 2013 Letter to the BBC About Syria and Their Journalistic Duties Read Article
November 18, 2012 Why Gerald Celente was Wrong to Sue Google Read Article

Web and Communication

August 04, 2012 Authentic Email Communication for Email List Owners Read Article
August 06, 2012 Practical Ways and Best Practices for Safe Online Communication Read Article
August 07, 2012 Is Google Doing Really Great Job Read Article
August 08, 2012 Back to Firefox Read Article
June 24, 2013 How to Protect Yourself From Online Dating Scams Read Article


June, 2006 Safety Match Read Article
July, 2008 Coffee Stir Sticks Read Article
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